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Wonky Tonk & the High Life



  • Get Wonked
  • Get Wonked
  • Get Wonked
  • Get Wonked


Much like a Tom Robbins novel, Wonky Tonk comes in many flavors.


Wonk is a solo cowgirl full of grace and grit traversing the country and wooing metal-heads while leaving honky tonks to scratch their heads with a sparkle in their eye. Think Mazzy Star meets Janis Joplin coated in Sonic Youth.


Wonky Tonk is a duo comprised of a cowgirl and a Deadman - Rob McAllister on bass, lead guitar, backup vocals, drums and organ … simultaneously  - the mighty duo massage the faster, harder essence of a gritty, broken heart and calloused, but soft soles. Think


Joined by three talented dudes, Wonky Tonk comes with the High Life in an effervescent dirge / psychedelic jam outfit sure to get you dancing and wonder why you assumed you were going to hear "country."


Whatever the case, once you get wonked, you will never be the same. You will remember your dreams, see sparkles on things that were once dull and crave another taste...just to make sure your ear-drums, brain and heart are on the same page.


A sight to see, souls to be reckoned with and love to be had. #getwonked




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