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CoyoteBear EP release extravaganza!! Friday 2-26-21

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

We are celebrating CoyoteBear's debut EP release with an online streaming party! Featuring tons of musical guests and a special taping of CoyoteBear performing the EP live at Duncan Hall!

Cody Hall's new project CoyoteBear is a mutant he's been nurturing for several years now. It Started out as an experiment with different sounds and writing techniques, throwing songs into different hats that didn't necessarily fit the dynamics or character of his band Traveling Broke and Out of Gas.

With the down time everyone has been experiencing due to Covid-19, Cody threw himself into recording. Utilizing different spaces with local and regional musicians he's put the finishing touches on his first batch of songs that are ready to face the world!

These songs were recorded over a series of sessions in a few places starting in the Spring of 2020. The Muffin House, Tippecanoe Arts Federation, his house, and session players houses... But the bulk of it has been recorded at Postal Recording in Indianapolis.

Featuring Jeff Lagaveen and Johnny Concannon on drums, Evan Grubbs - bass, Alex Kercheval - bass and keys, Liz Sloan on Fiddle, Jaik Willis on Electric Guitar and BGVs, Alex Mason on Horns, and Rachael Yanni on BGVs.

Online streaming party!

To help him celebrate this brand new release Cody has wrangled some musician friends both near and far to perform for this streaming party we are throwing! The names may seem familiar as all have been staples on Mom&Pop and People's Live bills for the past several years. All performances were recorded at the musicians home and the show has been edited together for a super fun experience for everyone!

Tune in on Friday February 26th at 9PM (EST) to enjoy performances from the Urban Pioneers, Strangled Darlings, Velocity District, Rachael Yanni, and of course CoyoteBear, who we recorded performing the new EP in its entirety at Duncan Hall here in Lafayette, IN.

CoyoteBear's Patreon Page:

Get a preview of the album here!

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